Citythinking is an urban consultancy specialized in the management and design of integrated urban solutions. We master from the territorial to the home-unit scale. We are based in Seville and Moscow and our focus is on the construction of sustainable and affordable city models. We have more than 15 years of experience in urban planning, architectural standardization and industrialization, and construction & management process of international projects.



María Prieto
Jose M de Cárdenas
Anja S Ehrenfried
Javier Olmedo
Jose M Sanchez Rey
Marco García
Miguel A Pérez
Eduardo Mayoral
Dimitry Khomyakov
Cristina C Martinson
Carlos Peraita
Paco Gil
Álvaro Sánchez
Belén Carrasco
Álvaro Romero
Anna Smakotina
Álvaro Montero
Natalia Gutiérrez

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