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The overall aim of the Facade and Landscape Design for the Quartier 6&7 of the Yuntolovo Project was to to develop an original and unique Facade and Landscape Design in alignment with the project`s general main strategies defined in the Master Plan developed by CTTK in 2014.
In a first step the existing Masterplan had been reviewed in order to establish the overall criteria to improve mobility and the quality of the public space, while respecting the design criteria of the Residential buildings:
Adjustment of the Block sizes to avoid interruption of the pedestrian flow between Quartier 6 and 7 by emphasizing the pedestrian character of the Main Axe connecting both Quartiers.
Regarding the Façade the design – the residential blocks had been revised in order to avoid a series of setback to simplify construction and to give continuity to the Facades facing the Public Streets.
In a second step the main elements of the Public Space had been identified and hierarchically organized:

  • Level 1 – Areas enhancing walkability: the boulevard, the west garden and the meadows.
  • Level 2 – Public staying areas: Moonlight Plaza.
  • Level 3 – Private Areas: Semiprivate residential Courtyards.

Each one of those elements had been designed consequently in order to emphasize on its unique character.

Regarding the Facade Design the following principles had been implemented. The proposal aims to provide a variety of similar solutions in reference to the different situation of buildings which had been identified:

  • Green zones: associated with linear blocks.
  • Urban Avenue: associated with commercial blocks.
  • Internal space: associated with closed residential blocks.


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