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Our team has been working in St. Petersburg for many years, we know the local market and we can imagine the most interesting product for this land. We also know that a sustainable management, integrated on the landscape and with a strong identity, can only be done from the knowledge of the territory. Our closing up to the management of this territory in Yukki has its own origin on the territory analysis: the vegetation, topography, climate, the lanscape, and the orientation of the functional schemes.

Through simple schemes that explain how the proposal works, we can assert that this flexible way, inspired in nature, and very closed to the place through the topography and the vegetation, is very efficient for the management of the ammount of people and energy that will circulate along the condominium.

On this scheme we can appreciate the inside detailed structure of each residential petal, and as this various inside meshes are adapted to the topography and how is respected the non edificable west zone. It can be also appreciate how it is not built on the topographic northern low zone, where it can be produced natrual flooding of water and snow.

As it has already been explained, there are three principal points of interest on the management:

  • The access to the mall from this neighbourhood and other neighbour towns
  • The central square, next to the kindergarden where will be manage small coexistence shops
  • The sport club, that englobes different sport and leisure facilities


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