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The guidelines which have guided the Final Layout of the Masterplan for Vladivostok Golf Club & Resort are:

  • 18 Holes Golf Course to be constructed in 2 Stages
  • Mixed use, integrated resort with residential properties, hotel, events facilities, day visitors.
  • Approximately 760 residential properties
  • Hotel with spa, water park, tennis, biking, trails, equestrian, winter sports.
  • Banquet hall to host large events – 300+ guests.

The Final Masterplan Layout for Golf Park embodies the key issues and opportunities previously described and incorporates the restrictions which arise at the level of infrastructure and local norms and is driven by the following principles: in order to optimize the visitor flows and in this way  to allow the efficient mobility of all types of vehicles with a special focus on making the use of private cars for short and medium distance trips unnecessary by incorporating bike lines which are running along the Main Ring Roads and green areas. The Road Network is organized in three levels, which distributes the traffic hierarchically from the main accesses of the Plot in the West and in the North to the Residential Condominiums and Recreational Activities – leaving residential streets only for internal traffic.

The basic structure of six Residential Condominiums had been defined and two smaller Plot Areas had been introduced (L:700 – 750m2, M: 500 – 550m2). In this way the final Number of Residential Units in each condominium is flexible and can be adjusted to the future Market requirements.

In order to attract all the different Target Groups which are defined in the Technical Brief of the Agreement as follows Golfers, members of their families and friends;

Well-to-do citizens of Vladivostok who can currently enjoy almost no high-quality countryside rest offers;

Customers and guests of special events (weddings, anniversary celebrations and other events) of well-to-do persons who may be related to golf or not (in this case the presence of the golf course will serve as status feature)

A wide variety of recreation and activity types had been integrated in the Final Masterplan Layout which includes:

Golf Facilities: 18 Hole Golf Course, Driving Range, Frisbee Golf, Pith and Putt, Footgolf and Club House

Sport Facilities: Indoor Sports Complex with Swimming Pool and Indoor Tennis Court, Outdoor Tennis Courts, Outdoor Sportfield Day Spa and Waterpark

Hospitality: 3* Hotel with 110 rooms and 19 weekend cottages, Banquet Hall, Gazebos

Winter Activity Center: Ski Trails, Tubing and Ice Rink

Summer Activity Center: Biking and Hiking Trails, Shooting Range, Rope Park, Skate and Roller Park and Climbing Wall.

Equestrian Club: Equestrian Facilities and Equestrian Paths

The provision of a balanced system of Facilities and Services is undoubtedly the best practice towards long term social cohesion and economic sustainability. In this sense, the purpose of designing a fully equipped resort, able to satisfy the day by day needs, is of much importance.

In this way and in order to attract all the different Target Groups which are defined in the Technical Brief of the Agreement a wide variety of recreation and activity types had been integrated in the Final Masterplan Layout following the prime objective of creating a rich network that guaranties an optimum accessibility and an adequate distribution integrated into the existing Landscape and the Mobility System.

Regarding to the residential condominiums, the size of the different plot types is related with the proximity to the golf course, topography and orientation. Keeping a standardized length and width of the different plot types (XXL, XL, L and M) the product mix can be easily modified without changing the structure and the street layout of the condominiums and in this way easily be adapted to future changing Market requirements. The M type could be used for a semidetached building typology.

Therefore a minimum and maximum capacity studies based on a different Product Mix of the four different Plot sizes had been realized. In a minimum scenario a total of 658 Units can be achieved in a middle scenario 760 Units and in a maximum scenario 826 Units. As agreed with the Client the Final Masterplan Layout is based on the middle scenario with 760 Residential Units.

Scope of Work

The intervention covers an area of 310,44 Ha and borns as a partial plan reform. It provides a Landscape Design component, inserted in the framework of a general Master Plan Strategy and Structure.
It handles the organization of the entire intervention area, starting from the Road Network to the Architectural Project, and it mainly consists of two components:
Residential Buildings: occupy a total of 82 Ha and are divided into three groups, standardized but diversified by quality and dimensions.
Public Buildings: include all the facilities available for the Golf Course Clients, for example outdoor recreation areas, sport fields & practice grounds, Clubhouse, Hotel&Spa, Rental Houses, Artificial Lakes, Summer + Winter Parks and more.


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