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They include a Golf Component, composed by Club House Building, Driving Range, outdoor tennis courts and a 120 lots parking area.

An Hospitality Component, that includes 110 rooms Hotel, 19 Rental Houses and a water park and a Banquet Hall. The Hotel provides other amenities like leisure, spa, conference rooms, business center and restaurant.

Finally there is a Sport Component that provides sport and wellness facilities and it is composed by an Indoor Sport Complex, a Day Spa building, outdoor Tennis courts, and an outdoor sport field.

Both the indoor sport complex as the SPA are designed following the concept of capacity and modularity, offering a quality experience, but also efficient and functional.

The Stylistic Concept emphasizes the idea of a quiet slow-paced life in harmony with nature focusing on the harmonious interaction with nature, health, renewable energy sources, etc. and it could be defined as a “Eco modern – Style”. It uses traditional and natural materials in a modern and contemporary manner, in order to get a modern style image, but also efficient and functional solutions and a perfect harmonization between architecture and natural landscape.


The size of the different Housing types is related with the Plot size – we propose to consider 160 m2 Properties for XXL and eventually XL plots while 80 m2 properties will be allocated in XL, L and M plots with the possibility to be used for a semidetached building typology.

In order to guaranty an unique image of the whole complex also in accordance with the Architectural Concept of the Public Facilities, the residential properties are considering the interplay of the inclined roofs with the natural topography to provide best views over the Golf Course and Natural Landscape.

Entrance to the residential properties are provided from the residential loops and streets, depending on the topography either from the “bottom” or the “top” of the plot. In this way the outside terraces with the best views will be in direction of the entrance or opposite side also corner terraces will be implemented.

Scope of Work

The intervention covers an area of 310,44 Ha and borns as a partial plan reform. It provides a Landscape Design component, inserted in the framework of a general Master Plan Strategy and Structure.
It handles the organization of the entire intervention area, starting from the Road Network to the Architectural Project, and it mainly consists of two components:
Residential Buildings: occupy a total of 82 Ha and are divided into three groups, standardized but diversified by quality and dimensions.
Public Buildings: include all the facilities available for the Golf Course Clients, for example outdoor recreation areas, sport fields & practice grounds, Clubhouse, Hotel&Spa, Rental Houses, Artificial Lakes, Summer + Winter Parks and more.


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