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The overall mission of this study is to relaunch the Yuntolovo Project, stopped after the crisis of 2008, and to redefine the potentials of this area in order to define Yuntolovo Area as an attraction point for residential, public and tertiary uses with the creation of the necessary economical, technical and social infrastructure.
The project should set new standards of quality for urban space and give an impulse for the development of this area in long terms conditions.
In this way the work of CTTK is focused on the following subjects:

  • The need that the new positioning of the project will acquire a complete and understandable concept for the consumer;
  • The need to identify the target audience of the project;
  • The way to situate the project stands out among other competitors.

The Final Layout of the updated Masterplan for Yuntolovo area embodies the key issues and opportunities previously described, incorporating the restrictions which arise at the level of infrastructure and local norms as well as the defined parameters of the approved PPT and is driven by the following principles:

EFFICIENCY AND COMPLEXITY – based on an efficient grid which had been worked out in the direction of a complex urban system the updated Master Plan Layout encounters issues such as the considerable greater variety of different uses, the interplay of building volumes and open space, questions of public and private use as well as different building types.
MOBILITY – The Road Network is organized in a three level grid that distributes the traffic hierarchically – leaving local streets only for internal traffic. In this way the updated Master Plan Layout allows the efficient mobility of all types of vehicles with a special focus on making the use of private cars for short and medium distance trips unnecessary and to enhance walkability.
NATURE – The updated Master Plan Layout conserves the existing greenery due to its importance in the natural landscape and takes advantage of the ecological and natural potential of the area especially the Yuntolovo Reserve, the existing Water Channel and the close proximity to the Finnish Gulf. The Public Space System had been classified and articulated in three different categories according their origins, scale and functions which as a whole will connect and give identity to the whole Area.
DIVERSITY – In order to achieve a fully equipped city which is able to satisfy the day by day need needs of the inhabitants the updated Master plan provides a system of District and Quartier Facilities distributed over the whole area in order to create a network of different services and facilities completely integrated in the Public Space System and the Road Network.


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