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This project seeks to rethink design and development stages for low dense, instant construction, mixed use affordable residential city extensions, within the complex realm of building emergent cities in East Africa, from a holistic approach grounded on the latest state of the art regarding design and technology.
– Scalable and replicable sustainable development model.
– Radical improvement of local citizens’ quality of life.
– Preservation of natural, social and patrimonial local values.
– Standardization and industrialization of urban and architectural solutions.
The project tackles the challenge of designing and building an Emergent City Extension through Multiscalar and Standardization strategies. It also takes into account local restrictions and potential values (green and blue spaces, transportation networks, social features, etc.). Therefore, we can generate a fully feasible Smart Urban Ecosystem (SUE): a new approach to integral urban and architectural design, grounded on Sustainable Indicators that shape the Master plan and certify its quality in terms of: self-efficiency, the use of energy, social cohesion, quality of life and urban complexity.
In this way Tatu Waters integrate itself into the wider environment in a profound and expressive manner. The urban atmosphere within the community binds itself with the natural elements of the Kenyan territory. A dense Public Space network connects the existing green areas in the North and South of the territory which enables walkability and provides the area with all kind of Public Facilities in order to guaranty the day by day needs of the inhabitants without leaving the security limit.
The 2,700 homes at Tatu Waters are designed in order to provide the future residents with a wide range of lifestyles, using open plan design and locations of homes that offer the best possible views of the surrounding landscape – either organized in blocks of five to nine story condominiums with semiprivate courtyard or in Townhouses with private gardens and terraces.


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