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The harbour of Seville is currently a productive space of singular conditions: territorially good connected, its domains extend up to the city center, living with a multitude of different and complementary activities.

The harbor is important especially for its contribution to the GDP of the city.

So, plunged in a crisis period, the harbour emerges as a dynamic and strategic space for the urban resilience.

It’s time to go back being a dynamic port city, to see the harbor not only as a space of merchandize interchange, but also as a space of economic and commercial interchange.

A space of urban interchange, of experiences and knowledge.

We have a plan: to regenerate three spaces in the north area of the harbor.

The goal consists in turn the north área of the harbour into an área of complementary urban  activities, linked to leisure, commerce, turism, transport etc.

A strategy that is not trying to compete but to enhance other activities and close flows that at the moment are undermined by the presence of the harbor as a border.

The proposal comprises three áreas, with different grades of consolidation and functions, all oriented to maximize the experience of the harbour as a interchange platform.

We have a strategy: reactivate the water.

The harbour strategy will not try to compete or to reproduce the other urban projects; this operation will enhance what makes it different, unique: the water.

So we recover and duplicate the coastline, articulating through it a complex system of pedestrian open spaces, thinly bounded to the existing ones.

A space for business interchange: the spaces associated to the Batán area will be organized around a big central canal, that, in its turn, is connected with other docks, expanding the influence of the coast up to the current Spanish-aviation.

This blue district will be distinguished by an hybrid character, being its objective to be an attractor for the settle of international companies and the technology industries.

Those main uses will complement with others of commercial and leisure character, that will make the offer even more interesting.

A space of commercial interchange: the Raza dock will be subject to a transformation that will allow on one side the activation of associated services to one of the biggest road of access to the city, and on the other side to the quarters of Reina Mercedes and Heliopolis to get close to the river.

In this way to the west side of the road will be adapted sheds to support commercial activities, leisure and services associated to the shore of the river, while the east side will consolidate with more housing and free spaces associated to the water, that will allow the transition from the quarter to the river.

A space of experiences interchange: the Delicias dock will be Delicias Square. A space accessible in every way, that will allow to get a better urban connectivity and to enhance the presence of activities related to leisure, culture or commerce.


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