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The Bay of Cádiz is an urban space immersed in a constant process of re-industrialization that does not end with unemployment in the area. In 2010 we were offered to design a new technology transfer center near the already closed Delphi factory in Puerto Real, we asked with what objective, and we ended up exploring new alternatives to the heavy industry model, to value the active economic, natural assets and social in the area.Starting from the mix that exists between infrastructure and buildings, we projected a key development tool for the entire Bay: an urban center that combines technology, research, education, business, entertainment, communication and connections between various urban uses. Uniting the pre-existing uses and activities (until now completely disconnected), our proposal goes beyond seeking to enhance the economy of the territory based on its strengths and opportunities. With its diversity and potential, synergies will facilitate innovation from SMEs with technological bases, without betting again on large foreign companies without ties to the territory. To make this viable, we proposed a sequence of actions: from a new infrastructure crossing the highway to avoid the current isolation of the area, to new economic activities that will help the development of the entire project from European funds.

A Strategic Study through Cartographies

Mapping data and comparing patterns in this field, with an holistic point of view and free of any preference, we found problems related to a disjointed development in an area of ​​great strategic and environmental value. Our proposal, beyond the time limited to planning the area, is based on a means of development to support this heritage, generating synergies and a profound impact throughout the Bay.


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