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Nordhavn is the apex of a mayor system – the harbour of Copenhagen, which grows towards the inner part of the city, and strategically connects the city with the sea.

The proposal arises from the intertwining of two integral systems which are crossing the site, taking advantage of the existing difference between city and nature and will radicalize this point even more -the city, even more city, and the nature, even more nature. This is as we understand the solidity of our proposal.

This area is of special importance because of its location as the door gate to the Nordhavn area and so far the direct connection to the existing neighbourhoods, so first of all, all main connections need to be solved: the main road and pedestrian routes.

Pedestrian continuity will be provided by creating two main archs stretched and tensioned by various activities:

  • The first arch of vital importance connects the train station at the other side of the tracks with a new urban attractor, impulse by equipment (integration of the pre-existence) and by a waterbus stop. We can understand this arch as a great exchange transport point which activates the urban fabric.
  • Following the urban model of Strøget Street, we find a second arch at the northern part of the site, and as the one described before, generates tensions between different facilities.

In order to create a compact city, we do implement new density from a generic, more compact and diverse matrix.

To create a compact city on this phase, we do implement new density from a generic matrix more compact and diverse, based on the same grid system as before, and that trust the street as the structure that can support the activities of interaction and communication. The street as a public expression of urban diversity, takes maximum prominence.

Types are inserted associated with the physical conditions of the area, taking advantage of the potential of differentiating the land and water edges. The old docks are used for the introduction of topologies associated with the aquatic environment: floating houses and pile buildings with a double access, one by the sea at ground level and one at the upper level by land.

The main circulation and greenery axe in north-south direction is activated. Structural road and open space axes play with the crossing ones, towards the north through the edge, generating residential area east of that line that is configured as a district with another identity, in direct connection with Svanemollehavnen.


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