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Kazan is a dynamic economy, tech­nological parks, attractive culture offer, mixity and harmony among their citizens. Kazan represents the best of Tartarstan and combines perfectly urban a nature activities.

The large scale of the project area bears the traces of a complex wet­land. The preexistant depression show the print of a small stream. The water and green network seems to be the key of the setting-up in the site. We choose to potentiate the inherent quality of the site as our main con­cept: the Quiet River.

We have identified the small course of the river in the plot and the existing rural urban fabric as the main characteristic of the territory and the­refore both has been considered into the new design of our 2 basic elements, the grid and the green spaces.

The Park is divided into two main areas: the Gates, where most of the planned activities are concentrated, and which occupy 4 large areas in the extreme southern, northern, eastern and western part of the Park.

The main intention by creating the Quiet River Park of the Masterplan is to create a quiet space that invites to go for a walk while contemplating the groves of the trees, the mirrors of the lakes or the colored lights of the Eco-Towers at the distance.

The main element is a wooden path, which runs along the central part and connects the houses on both sides of the park, as well as schools and kindergartens or the nearest parking.


We focused on 5 residential types, all based on a flexible standardization and their common element, the courtyard, strongly characterizes them. This space is set to remind us again, that peace and quiet is one of the characteristics of this new suburb.

In a new era where ecology aims for a main role, va­rious sources of renewable energy and sustainability has been considered: cogeneration, solar and wind energies, and an eco-friendly management of the water cycle. Thus these concepts maybe stronger or weaker in Kazan, our intention is to raise local population’s awareness about ecology and conservation issues.

A set of 4 towers equipped with solar panels will be the clean batteries for lighting the park while acting also as strong milestones on the landscape both from inside and outside the territory.



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