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Our work began with a study of adaptation of the old concrete installations of Torredonjimeno in the context in which it was found most current:  redevelop a new industrial estate.

After several whys without answering and studying the environment, we proposed a more complex proposal:

1. An analysis of the extensive or physical qualities of Holcim’s solar and its building heritage, revealing its most significant qualities, as well as its relationships with the immediate environment.

2. A more complex analysis of the situation of Torredonjimeno within the system of biomass related to olive pruning. We elaborated a detailed study of this process, defining, the restrictions that prevent its development, as well as its spatial implications in the territory.

3. A hypothesis of reorganization of Holcim strategically adapted to the opportunities that open up with the collection, distribution and transformation of the capacity of the olive grove in energy matters. We Understood the critical points of the process of energy generation with biomass: availability of raw material, pruning system and collection, cost of transport to the plant, types of treatment in the plant, storage risks, need for a high flow of water for production … and we developed an empirical model that combined all these factors in the present.

Biomass plant in Torredonjimeno

There are other initiatives to generate electricity from the olive pruning in Andalucia, but just a  few have the potential of the plant that will be installed in Torredonjimeno: the concentration of olive trees within a radius of 60 km on land with a slope of less than 12% ( efficiency in transport and collection) is unique as we detect in our cartography. We had the opportunity to devise the model, find the strategic partners and explain it to all those involved. And the change materialized.


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