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The New Financial Center of Belarus will be located in Oktsiabrskiy district of Minsk within the limits of the multi-functional Masterplan “Minsk World”, at the prominent position in the center of the district with the projection on the Central Park.

The design concept is to create a tertiary complex with Shopping and Financial Centers as a landmark element for the Minsk World Project where all the different uses like the Shopping Center, Offices as well as Hotel, Policlinic, Educational Center and Underground Parking are embedded in one building complex.

The Shopping Center, the Hotel and the Office Towers are connected by a large gallery on level 1 and share the panoramic terrace on the deck of level 3. The other uses have no connection to the Mall and only have access from the Street level.

The Shopping Center is organized in two levels and part of a third level where fine dining restaurants are facing THE TERRACE on the rooftop of the Mall – a key element of the MFC – with access to external gardens and a huge balcony with views over the Minsk World Central Park.

The Main Entrance at the north west corner features a stunning transparent atrium space. Accessing this atrium, visitors are led directly into THE GALLERY which links the two main entrances and in this way also the two main anchor Tenants – the hypermaket and Inditex – each one located at one of the Main Entrances. The second main entrance is located in the south west corner connected with the lobbies of the Office Towers.

A new CENTRAL PLAZA at level 2 of the Shopping Center is connected with the leisure áreas like food court and cinemas. In this way the retail spaces are designed to provide an urban city feeling culminating in THE TERRACE on the roof of the Shopping Center.

A mix of large and small retailers are located in both levels of the Shopping Center. At the Stylobate of the Towers some exclusive VIP Shops had been designed with store windows also from the Street level.

A three level Underground Parking had been designed in order to allocate a minimum of 4.465 Parking Places which will be required to provide enough parking facilities for the whole complex including Parking Places for Retail customers, Hotel and Office workers.


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