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Odintsovo emerges today in one of the most interesting zones of the Moscow southwest metropolitan region – it is an area highly tensioned by the proximity of Skolkovo Innovation Center, the wealthy Rublevka, Vnukovo International Airport, Pudushkinsky Forst ant not far from the future Federal City.
Our proposal is a strong commitment to modernize the center of Odintsovo by means of re-densification – constructing housing and upgrading public space, setting new standards of quality for urban space and enhancing higher levels of comfort, security and technical sophistication for a short-term and long-term sustainable development.
In this way we are planning a new strategy regarding the relationship between citizen and public space, creating active hotspots and pathways devoted to stimulate urban life: UPDATING LANDSCAPES FOR PEOPLE – an unique opportunity to give a solution to the actual problems of the City by maintaining the value of the location and his surroundings.
The Key Issues which embodies the Final Layout for the new City Center of Odintsovo can be summarized as follows:
– Creation of a new Centrality for the Odintsovo City Center
– Flexible Grid in order to connect the urban fabric and integrate the existing structure
– Respecting and strengthen the existing Green Structure as one of the main values of the site
– Ecology and green spaces, sustainable development. Inclusion of climatic features, ensuring compliance of environmental characteristics of the territories under reconstruction with the quality standards for residential areas,
– Connection of Odintsovo City Center with the surroundings – Intermodal transport exchange
– Internal Mobility Strategy for the Odintsovo area giving priority to the Pedestrians and leaving local streets for internal traffic.
– Continuous North – South connection for the whole site for pedestrians and bicycle
– Definition of “Hotspots” – new functions in order to define urban activities


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