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The Fractal Block Project is the winning proposal of the International Competition announced by Masshtab in 2010 for designing in the south of Moscow the first phase of a bigger urban development called “A101 Block City” where more than 150.000 inhabitants are going to live in the next 20 years. The project is based in the concept of “standardized block” which combines the advantages of a categorized definition of the plots, with the characteristics of the traditional European city, within the transition between the public and the private space clearly defined.
The three basic lines of our project can be summarized in 3 strategic points
1. Deep research on the existing Urban Model in the Eastern Countries and their associated problems (transition from public to private space often not resolved, no prevision for small business, lack of parking facilities…)
2. Implementation of a new Urban Model in order to provide a compact and diverse city to solve the above mentioned problems, working with a standardized block size.
3. Involvement of the existing prefabrication industry in order to solve the residential blocks. Therefor our project is not just a proposal for a specific construction site rather more an integral solution for the urban problems that have arisen since the transformation from the communist system till today.
The jury emphasized the deep investigation of the project, comparing its working method with scientific research on a high level. According to the jury: “This project has a great capacity for adaptability and flexibility, adjusting itself to market changes over the project life” In addition, they valued the constructive solution of block types – producing 300 different combinations with only five basic elements.
By means of flexible standardization, the proposed concept of modular construction goes beyond traditional, standardized architecture in terms of possibilities to personalize, customize and adapt the product to the final market requirements.


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