Grounded on the principles of the Ecosystemic Urbanism, SUE™ is our comprenhensive urban and architectural desing solution

Cities are not living beings either intelligent organisms, rather cities are complex ecosystems where human and all others living and non-living beings are intimately related between them and within the environment.Based on this basic principle, the Letter for Ecosystemic Urban Planning 2018 (S. Rueda) groups in 4 families the undress of variables that can help to assets the performance of such ecosystems:

Compact morphology. Balanced relationship between built volumes (compression) and open public spaces (decompression) to ensure citizen´s access to services, facilities, green spaces, not to waste energy and resources…
Complex organization. Mixed and biodiverse organizational structure able to give rise to different activities, associations, juridical entities, creative communities…
Efficient metabolism. Balanced exchange and consumption of energy and resources to set a self-sufficient supply system for a basal regime, grounded on water access, material and personal flows, low consumption levels…
Social cohesion. Weighted coexistence achieved through income mix, universal access to public services and facilities, fair governance…

Using such principles, we have developed SMART URBAN ECOSYSTEM™ model a complex design model for the planing and the construction of Instant Affordable Smarts Cities, where Smart stands for sustainable development, radical improvement of citizens quality life and preservation of the unique natural, social and heritage of local values

SUE™ helps both private and public stakeholders for programing and conceptualizing multiscale projects thanks to its 3 development stages CITY-DISTRICT-HOUSING: an overall one-stop solution for territorial and city design, district desing or even for the housing design stages. Based on our Multidisciplinary Expert Approach, our set of Urban and Architectural Standardized Elements and Reused Design solutions and Processes, SUE model takes urban and architectural desing to a new level of standarization and integration:

– Leverages the synergies between nature and city development using a city smart grid as a computer “mother board” where infinitive number of modular elements could be coupled on it.

– Parameters related to accessibility, land occupation, mobility and services, urban complexity, green and blue spaces, urban metabolism, social cohesion and inclusion, diverse communities, connectivity between streets, cost plans and budgets…are automatically balanced to configure the best solution

– Allows design and evaluation of multiple complex urban scenarios, optimized according to such parameters

– Solutions will always be adapted to specific Local / Social / Economical and Environmental conditions as SUE model is very sensitive to local conditions.

– The desing and engineering managers will  speed up the planning schedule and keep full cost control during the design process

Our First SUE Spanish Quartal in Moscow. 2018