PSP™ Parametric Smart Planing Software

PSP™ Software is our cutting edge tool for urban and architecture industrialization


Grounded on the principles of the Ecosystemic Urbanism, SUE™ is our comprenhensive urban and architectural desing solution

Using parametric and algorithmic software, our PSP cutting edge tool aims to industrialize urban planning,

– Considering functional, environmental and social variables, PSP systematically and spatially defines the role and scope of urban landscape patches and corridors situating the city in its regional and biotic context, improving the impact on the environment. 

– With PSP is easy and fast to generate and optimize S.U.E. urban and architectural scenarios: high quality framework and infrastructure designs with associated sustainability and building indicators, and directly linked to cost and efficiency KPIs and plans.

Through five nonlinear designing tasks developed under S.U.E. principles – analyzing, generating, processing, optimizing and visualizing complex urban scenarios- and including export/import features to all BIM and GIS platforms towards CIM, PSP deliver a unique approach to urban design and development, building a complex ecosystem, an organism enabling millions of variations through an adaptive genetic code.

It is simple and structured yet entails the complexity of affordable housing development sensitive to the environment:

– It is a unique combination of geometry, big data, sustainable approach and singular IT platform enabling flexibility, modularity and scenario planning

– It outlines clear sets of KPIs for city performance and quality of life measures and offers hundreds of benchmarks with world cities on a single click

– It links the urban design and city performance with project planning, time & cost control and assists the urban decision-making processes on ay from BIM to CIM

– It brings disruptive innovation through cutting edge IT platform built on big data and advanced analytics open to infinite number of players in intelligent cloud environment

The project TSI-100107-2017-17, Development of a Technological Tool PSP (Parametric Smart Planning) to generate Residential Urban Sustainable and Affordable Districts within Smart Emergent Cities, is being developed thanks to the co-financing the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda and the European Regional Development Fund FEDER offer, within the Scientific Researching, Development and Technological Innovation National Plan 2013-2016.

Our First SUE Spanish Quartal in Moscow. 2018