Citythinking: helping organizations replicate good cities.

Citythinking at a Glance


The Challenge. Developing Countries are facing the fastest urbanization process in history. Existing cities are growing, and hundreds of new ones will be planned and developed in short time. This is the new global housing paradigm:

The need of massive affordable residential units,  in fully equipped urban areas,  is huge.
– A new paradigm is also targeting the setup of these urban areas in a more sustainable way.
Resources and time are limited, so creative and efficient solutions must be developed for resolving this global challenge.

Our Vision is  to helps  others to replicate good cities .  Citythinking is a Cross-industries Alliance, first to deliver Integral Design and Management Solutions for the Construction of Instant Affordable Smarts Cities, where Smart stands for (i) sustainable development (ii) radical improvement of citizens quality life and (iii) preservation of the unique natural, social and heritage of local values

Our TEAM is shaped among others by Urban Economists, Architects, Engineers, Financial Experts, Programmers, Environmental and Infrastructure Experts from different nationalities are currently working in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin-America in large scale  projects.

Design Thinking. Useful in tackling problems that are ill-defined or unknownDesign Thinking helps us to organize our approach through human-centered, iterative design process of 5 steps—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. We work  in a reiterative process that ends when the indicators of Design, Sustainability, Innovation and Feasibility to which we submit our work confirm that there is no better and simpler way to solve it.

We have achieved recognition worldwide, with a long list of publications, exhibitions & international awards.

Our funding partners


Our three fundings partners come from different areas of expertise, all link by the new science of city design:

_GALIA – Real State Management,  Funding and Market and Demand research studies.

_GHENOVA – Systems and Processes Engeneering, PML and Logistics, Transport.

_EDDEA – Territory  and Urbanism,  Architecture, Construction, Environment.

The result of this multidisciplinary partnership is our capacity to approach the new urban design  challenges from a real complex perspective.

Focused on Innovation.  Due to different origines of our partners, we as a team are able to work on the border of different discipline, always focused on desing and processing innovations. We appreciate creative work, believes that good result can come from anywhere,  and knows that results are the most important part of our work.

Students from the German school Albert Duero, playing to be Citythinkers in our main meeting room

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Ctra. de la Esclusa, 9,
41011, Sevilla, España
Phone: +34 954 28 70 40

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Meet the Team


  • José María de Cárdenas
    José María de Cárdenas CEO
  • Anja Sophia Ehrenfried
    Anja Sophia Ehrenfried General Director
  • Javier Olmedo
    Javier Olmedo Project Manager
  • Pavel Vocak


  • Alessia Panella
    Alessia Panella
  • José María Sánchez
    José María Sánchez
  • Dmitry Khomyakov
    Dmitry Khomyakov
  • Marco García
    Marco García
  • Miguel Ángel Pérez
    Miguel Ángel Pérez
  • Urbano Jiménez Guerrero
    Urbano Jiménez Guerrero
  • Eduardo Mayoral
    Eduardo Mayoral
  • Badr Ouahbi
    Badr Ouahbi

Join Us

Eddea lo forma un equipo multidisciplinar con técnicos de más de 6 nacionalidades diferentes, siempre en búsqueda de nuevos talentos.

Si quieres formar parte de nuestro proyecto y crecer con nosotros, envíanos tu CV y detállanos tu experiencia profesional y nos pondremos en contacto contigo. Describe con detalle el rol que hayas tenido en cada proyecto a los que hagas referencia, y no olvides especificar el nivel de inglés, francés u otras lenguas que manejes con soltura.

Interim Practices

Si estás terminando tus estudios, o eres recién licenciado y  quieres realizar una estancia en una firma de arquitectura internacional con proyectos en Europa, Asia y África, puedes aplicar para realizar prácticas con nosotros. Queremos conocer jóvenes arquitectos, economistas, aparejadores o ingenieros, diseñadores de interiores y gráficos, geógrafos, sociólogos, programadores y técnicos en BIM, GIS, GH o 3D en general.

Escríbenos, cuéntanos tus intereses y las fechas en las que estarías dispuesto a incorporarte. Te responderemos con la mayor agilidad.


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