What do we mean by the New Housing Paradigm? 


Developing Countries are facing the fastest urbanization process in history. Existing cities are growing, and hundreds of new ones will be planned and developed in short time. Large number of dysfunctions need to be solved urgently due to the intensifying and accelerated urbanizing process that the world is going throuh. Redefining housing production is key.

This is what we call the new global housing paradigm. The need of massive affordable residential and fully equipped urban areas is huge. 

– By Affordable Housing we mean social rent and intermediate housing, provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the market.

– Fully equipped refers to non-Commuter Cities. That is, complex urban districts where living and working is possible through the simultaneous development of basic infrastructure: retail, social, culture, logistic, mobility or transport infrastructures etc. … (called mixed-used development, too)

The new paradigm is targeting the setup of these urban areas in a more sustainable and «citizen and nature» friendly way.

Resources and time are limited, so creative and efficient solutions must be developed for resolving this global challenge. In this context, Citythinking provides multiscale design and management solutions for tackling this big challenge.


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