Plot 78 / Spanish Quartal in Moscow: work in progress

4 years ago we completed the design stage of one of our largest projects for our office: almost 5200 units between 30 and 120 m2 grouped in urban blocks of 75 x 75, 100 and 125 m, with all the necessary facilities and services included: streets, parks, nurseries, schools and commercial premises or clinics. The «Spanish Quartier» as they call it in Moscow occupy almost 45 ha in the southwest of the Russian capital,  is part of the big master plan A101  that we also designed. Unlike the usual «micro-regions» of more than 20 and up to 30 floors, separated by large areas of empty space, with hardly any equipment and very repetitive aspect that are built in the periphery, our proposal consisted in 20 semi-closed blocks, between 5 and 16 floors, articulated by a rigid urban grid of between 75 and 125 m long that allows standarization and modulation without any limitation to diversity.

Due to the crisis in 2015, the project was stopped for some months but today is almost completed. First families will move late this year. We’ll be updating these pictures below soon with the complete facades and urban spaces. Look for them to see the result of our first project in Moscow!


Our proposal A101, winner of the 2010 City Block international contest and images of the works of the first phase of this new district

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